Experience the invigorating benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil. Elevate your well-being with the refreshing essence of pure peppermint oil.

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Peppermint Essential Oil

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Peppermint oil, derived from Mentha × piperita, is renowned for its refreshing essence and numerous advantages. Widely recognized for its invigorating properties, peppermint oil offers benefits ranging from headache relief to aiding digestion. Whether applied topically, diffused for aromatherapy, or even ingested in small quantities, this versatile oil serves various purposes.

Precautions & Concerns: This product is NOT for internal consumption. Always do a patch test before application. Consult a registered physician in case of reaction or allergy.

INCI name: Mentha x piperita

  • For Aromatherapy


    • Add a few drops to a diffuser for a refreshing aroma and to promote alertness.


    • Inhale directly from the bottle or add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam.
  • For Topical Application

    As a Massage Oil:

    • Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the skin for massage.

    Pain Relief:

    • Apply to pain affected parts of body after dilution with Carrier oil.

    *Remember to follow proper dilution guidelines and consult a healthcare professional for specific uses.

  • Q: What are the benefits of peppermint essential oil?

    A: Peppermint essential oil is known for its various benefits, including providing relief from headaches, promoting digestion, alleviating congestion, and offering a cooling sensation for the skin.

  • Q: How should peppermint essential oil be used?

    A: Peppermint essential oil can be used topically, aromatically, or internally, depending on the desired effect. It can be applied to the skin with a carrier oil, diffused in a room, or ingested in small quantities after consulting a healthcare professional.

  • Q: Does peppermint essential oil help with nausea or digestive issues?

    A: Yes, peppermint essential oil is often used to ease nausea, indigestion, and other digestive discomforts. However our Peppermint oil is not food grade as its not packed in a food grade certified facility.

  • Q: Is peppermint essential oil safe for children and pets?

    A: Peppermint essential oil should be used with caution around children and pets. It is generally not recommended for infants or young children, and pets may be sensitive to its strong aroma. Always dilute properly and consult a healthcare professional or veterinarian before use.

  • Q: Can peppermint essential oil be used for pain relief?

    A: Yes, peppermint essential oil is commonly used for pain relief. It has cooling and numbing properties that can provide temporary relief from muscle aches, headaches, and joint discomfort. Dilute with a carrier oil before applying topically.

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Customer Reviews

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Healthy Benefits of Mint: Peppermint Power

The healthy benefits of mint, especially in the form of peppermint oil, are impressive. I add a drop to my water for a refreshing and digestion-aiding beverage. The natural benefits make it a tasty and health-conscious addition to my daily routine.

Peppermint Oil Walmart: Easy Accessibility

Finding quality peppermint oil is a breeze at Walmart. It's my go-to store for replenishing my essential oil supply. The accessibility and affordability make it a convenient option for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of peppermint oil without breaking the bank.

Kwan Yiu Leung
Peppermint Capsules: Digestive Comfort

Peppermint oil capsules have become my go-to for digestive comfort. They're convenient, and the benefits of peppermint oil for soothing indigestion are noticeable. Whether it's after a heavy meal or as a preventative measure, peppermint capsules are a staple in my digestive health toolkit.

Iraboty Kazi
Peppermint Oil: Cool and Invigorating

Peppermint oil is a must-have in my essential oil collection. The cool and invigorating scent instantly lifts my spirits. I use it in my diffuser for a refreshing atmosphere at home. The benefits of peppermint oil go beyond the pleasant aroma – it's like a breath of fresh air in a bottle.


few drops in a big bucket full of water and voila👍🏾👍🏾 the sent is all
In the room after you mop