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Castor Oil Pack: A Ritual of Relaxation

Incorporating a castor oil pack into my routine has become a ritual of relaxation. The benefits, from promoting lymphatic circulation to easing digestive discomfort, make it a cherished part of my self-care routine. It's a gentle and effective way to unwind and nurture my well-being.

OGX Argan Oil Shampoo: Hair Luxury!

The OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo is a staple in my shower. It not only smells amazing but also leaves my hair feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. Paired with the matching conditioner, it's a powerhouse for healthy, beautiful hair. OGX knows how to harness the benefits of Argan Oil!

Rosehip Benefits Unveiled

Unveiling the benefits of rosehip has been a delightful journey. Whether it's the nourishment it provides to my skin or the subtle floral aroma, rosehip is a beauty essential. The benefits of rosehip oil for face are remarkable, making it a key player in my daily skincare ritual.

Transformative Tamanu Oil Delivers Radiant Skin!

I stumbled upon Tamanu oil while searching for a natural skincare remedy, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer! The benefits of Tamanu oil are simply astounding. Not only does it moisturize my skin deeply, but it also helps with blemishes and uneven skin tone. I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and appearance of my skin since incorporating Tamanu oil into my skincare routine. It's truly nature's gift for healthy, glowing skin!

Eucalyptus Oil: Nature's Respiratory Relief

Eucalyptus oil has become a staple in my home, especially during cold and flu season. The benefits of eucalyptus oil for cough relief are remarkable. I add a few drops to my diffuser, and the soothing aroma helps ease congestion and promotes easier breathing. It's a natural remedy that I can't do without.

Eucalyptus Oil for Aromatherapy Bliss

Eucalyptus essential oil has become my favorite for aromatherapy sessions. The invigorating scent creates a spa-like atmosphere at home. I use it in my diffuser, and the benefits of eucalyptus oil for relaxation are undeniable. It's a simple yet powerful way to unwind after a long day.

Neem Oil
Neem oil: natural bug spray for plants

Neem oil Effective insecticide with multiple benefits. Safe for humans, plants, and pets. Find it near you!

Radiant Skin with Rosemary Oil

Achieve glowing skin effortlessly with rosemary oil! Its antioxidant properties rejuvenate the complexion, leaving it looking refreshed and youthful. I love mixing a drop of rosemary oil into my skincare routine for a natural radiance that lasts all day. Say hello to luminous skin with rosemary oil!

Castor Oil Miracle Worker

Castor oil is truly a miracle worker! I've been using it for various purposes, from hair care to skin treatments, and the benefits of castor oil are undeniable. It's incredibly nourishing for my hair, promoting growth and thickness. Plus, when used in castor oil packs, it helps soothe muscle soreness and promotes relaxation. A must-have in every household!

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil

I have been using this for about 4 months now as a massage medium and I absolutely love it. It feels great on my clients skin and my hands and gives great glide yet I can still get traction for deep tissue work. I am also no longer battling big oil stains on my sheets! 🙌

I just HAVE to review this... it's that good

So I usually by the Giles cedar oil from Amazon but it was super pricey this time around and I looked for alternatives. Even though I was really happy with the Giles brand and did find it at a decent price online out side Amazon, I decided to try Puroleo on a whim. And oh, EM gee, I am so glad I did. When I first opened the bottle and sniffed it I felt disappointed because it was so much "lighter" than the Giles. I thought it would be wimpy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once I rubbed just a drop between my fingers, I realized that what I thought was "lightness" was actually rich, deep complexity. True, this does play lighter, but because it's not "heavy handed" like the Giles. It is like a bouquet on a fine wine. Woodsy cedar like when you crush a cedar needle, and somehow, lots of floral character as well. I immediately started dribbling it all over the house. I think it will have good staying power. For example, I have a summer porch, glassed in, with rough stone and packed gravel floor (like you'd find in an outdoor patio or pathway). Well, the dogs seem to be confused, they think it IS outdoors, and for a while, despite all my training, they would relieve themselves there on the way to the actual patio door to the outside (Grrrr). Since it's also a damp and cold area, it really retained that odor. In desperation, I drizzled cedar oil into the big rocks and some of the gravel, and I must say it is MUCH more pleasant there. I also have been pouring enzyme deodorizer Nature's Miracle, etc down there all the time but it just doesn't penetrate deep enough I guess, so I needed something to mask the residual odor, since I often hang out there staying out of the wind, while the dogs go out and do their thing. The Puroleo cedar oil worked really well for that, and every time I walk out there, I actually inhale deeply because it feels like I'm entering a cedar forest. I guess the rocks are a good diffuser of the oil. Anyway, I am entranced by this oil, and am saving up to buy the gallon jug!!!! Then I will turn my entire home into a cedar palace! Growing up, we had a cottage in the mountains, and a rough guesthouse built long ago, made entirely out of raw cedar and plaster lathe (like, lots of exposed wood). I still remember the feeling and fragrance of that house, to this day, and I'm 54. This is that. This... smells like that. (SNL reference haha). But actually, it smells better. Like I said, it has some complex lingering spice/floral notes to it, alongside the lovely, lingering bright cedar. I am so in love that I put it in my hair, on my clothes and lightly as a perfume. BUY THIS!!!

Jojoba Oil
Yannick Kassum
Jojoba Oil and Face: Perfect Harmony!

Jojoba oil is a skincare superstar. I use it on my face, and it's like giving my skin a drink of water. It's hydrating without clogging pores, and my complexion looks more radiant. Whether you're dealing with dry or oily skin, jojoba oil is a versatile solution that works wonders.

Neem Oil
Charman Hawkins
Neem Oil Spray: Bugs Beware!

Say goodbye to pesky bugs with neem oil spray! It's my go-to insecticide for plants, and it does the job effectively. No need for harsh chemicals when you have neem oil. It's a relief to know that my plants are protected, and I can enjoy my garden without worrying about unwanted visitors.

Essential Oil Gift Pack: A Symphony of Scents

The Essential Oil Gift Pack featuring Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Frankincense oils is a true symphony of scents. Each oil brings its unique aroma to the ensemble, creating a delightful and diverse sensory experience. It's the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural fragrances.

Frankincense & Myrrh: Ancient Wisdom in a Bottle

The combination of frankincense and myrrh has been used for centuries, and for good reason. I use it during meditation, and the grounding effect is remarkable. The Frankincense & Myrrh blend is a timeless classic that brings a touch of ancient wisdom to my modern lifestyle.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Hair Magic

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is pure hair magic! The benefits of this variant for hair health, especially in promoting thickness and addressing hair loss, are impressive. I use it as a hot oil treatment, and the results speak for themselves. It's a must-try for anyone on a journey to healthier hair.

Neem Oil
Neem Oil: The Ultimate Bug Spray for Plants!

Neem oil has become my go-to bug spray for plants. It's effective, natural, and easy to use. I appreciate the peace of mind it brings, knowing that my plants are protected without harmful chemicals. Neem oil has earned its place in my gardening toolkit, and I wouldn't garden without it!

Eucalyptus Oil: Bug Repellent Bonus

Did you know eucalyptus oil can also repel bugs? It's my go-to during outdoor gatherings. I mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to exposed skin, providing a natural and effective bug repellent. It's a relief to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of pesky insects.

Liquid Gold: Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is like liquid gold for my skin. The fact that it remains in liquid form, even in cooler temperatures, sets it apart. The benefits of fractionated coconut oil extend beyond traditional coconut oil, providing deep moisturization without the heaviness. An essential in my skincare arsenal.

Coconut Oil Benefits Unveiled

Embracing the benefits of coconut oil has been a game-changer. Whether I'm using it for cooking or applying it to my skin, the versatility is unmatched. Fractionated coconut oil takes it a step further with its liquid form, making it a convenient and nourishing addition to my daily life.

Almond Oil Benefits Galore!

The benefits of almond oil are incredible. From promoting hair growth to nourishing the skin, it's a beauty superhero. I use it on my face, body, and even on the tips of my hair. The results speak for themselves - softer skin, healthier hair, and an overall radiant look. Can't recommend it enough!

Saje Essential Oil Lavender: Aromatherapy Bliss

Saje lavender essential oil is my go-to for aromatherapy bliss. The pure and high-quality scent of lavender creates a spa-like experience in my home. The benefits of Saje essential oil lavender extend to both mental and emotional well-being, making it a cherished addition to my essential oil collection.

Healthy Benefits of Mint: Peppermint Power

The healthy benefits of mint, especially in the form of peppermint oil, are impressive. I add a drop to my water for a refreshing and digestion-aiding beverage. The natural benefits make it a tasty and health-conscious addition to my daily routine.

Lavender Benefits: Stress Relief

Embracing the benefits of lavender for stress relief has been a lifesaver. I diffuse lavender essential oil during hectic days, and the calming effects are immediate. Lavender has become my go-to for moments of tension, providing a natural and aromatic way to alleviate stress.

PUREOYL HEALTHCARE Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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