Awaken your senses with Bergamot Essential Oil. Explore the citrusy aroma and discover the natural benefits for a refreshing and uplifting experience.

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Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot essential oil, extracted from the peel of bergamot oranges, is a versatile oil known for its refreshing citrus scent. It's a popular choice in aromatherapy, offering relaxation and stress relief. Bergamot oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for skin and acne care. Additionally, it's often used to add flavor to teas and desserts. This multifaceted oil provides a pleasant aroma and potential therapeutic benefits.

Precautions & Concerns: This product is NOT for internal consumption. Always do a patch test before application. Consult a registered physician in case of reaction or allergy.

  • For Aromatherapy


    • Add a few drops to a diffuser for a refreshing aroma and to promote alertness.


    • Inhale directly from the bottle or add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam.
  • For Topical Application

    As a Massage Oil:

    • Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the skin for massage.

    As skin care:

    • It supports healthy skin and may help with conditions like dryness, acne, and inflammation.

    ** Remember to follow proper dilution guidelines and consult a healthcare professional for specific uses.

  • Q: What are the main benefits of Bergamot essential oil?

    A: Bergamot essential oil is known for its uplifting and calming properties, as well as its potential to promote clear and healthy skin.

  • Q: How can I use Bergamot essential oil for mood enhancement?

    A: You can diffuse Bergamot essential oil or add a few drops to a personal inhaler to promote a positive and uplifted mood.

  • Q: Is Bergamot essential oil safe for topical use?

    A: Bergamot essential oil should be used with caution on the skin as it can increase sun sensitivity. It is recommended to dilute it properly and avoid direct sunlight after application.

  • Q: Can Bergamot essential oil help with stress and anxiety?

    A: Bergamot essential oil has calming properties that may help reduce stress and anxiety when used in aromatherapy or applied topically.

  • Q: Does Bergamot essential oil have a citrusy scent?

    A: Yes, Bergamot essential oil has a fresh, citrusy aroma with floral undertones, making it a popular choice in perfumery and skincare products.

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