The Energizing Essential Oil- Frankincense Oil

The Energizing Essential Oil- Frankincense Oil

  What is Frankincense essential oil good for?


Frankincense essential oil, also known as olibanum, is extracted from the Boswellia family's trees. This oil is not among the top used oils but still holds several health benefits.


What is frankincense essential oil good for?


Frankincense contains Boswellia acids which have antibacterial properties. These properties help in the prevention of many dental infections. Moreover, it helps in avoiding toothaches, cavities, and bad breath.


Frankincense also has many health benefits. It reduces asthma and improves digestion and arthritis. It even fights against certain types of cancer.


Frankincense oil benefit:


Following are some of the benefits of using frankincense essential oil:


  • Frankincense essential oil helps to improve asthma and reduces arthritis
  • Some studies claim that it contains anti-cancer properties.
  • It can help improve gut functions.
  • Frankincense oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing joint inflammation.
  • This oil also improves oral health.


Frankincense essential oil benefits for skin:


If you have dry, cracked or flaky skin then frankincense oil is best for you. Add some drops of frankincense oil into any moisturizer then apply it to your skin. It will make your skin hydrated and moisturized. Frankincense oil is also famous as young living oil as it keeps your skin looking younger.


Frankincense oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that give a soothing effect to your skin and nourishes your skin. It is very effective for rosacea, sunburn, and rashes.


Helps to relieve pain:


Frankincense oil is also helpful in getting relief from the pain.


How to use frankincense oil to get relief:


You can apply frankincense oil to the painful area in the following manners:


  • Apply it directly to the painful area.
  • Put a few drops of frankincense oil into your palms, rub them together then give a message to the affected area.


Frankincense oil is applied topically or inhaled in aromatherapy. All the essential oils are very strong. That is why, before applying frankincense essential oil to your skin, dilute it with a carrier oil.


Myrrh and frankincense oil:


According to a study by nine Chinese doctors frankincense oil and myrrh can help treat cancer. In addition, frankincense oil along with myrrh is used in Chinese traditional medicines. It is very effective in pain relief and swelling. It is also useful in treating blood stagnation and inflammation infections or diseases. 


Frankincense oil precautions:


Consuming essential oil can be harmful to you. In the case of frankincense oil, you can consume the extract of frankincense oil safely. Still, it is important to follow the instructions on dosage.


Frankincense contains many chemicals that can have negative impacts on the human body. Direct consumption of an extract from the mouth can also cause side effects. The most likely side effect of frankincense is allergy. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, and hives.


Therefore, be sure to use this oil in a proper way or under the guidance of some professional.