5 Research-based benefits of orange essential oil

5 Research-based benefits of orange essential oil

Several kinds of essential oils are produced from citrus species such as orange, lemon and grapefruit. Orange essential oil is one such oil which is extracted from the sweet orange through the cold pressing method.

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Today we will find the benefits associated with orange essential oil.


What is orange essential oil good for?


Orange essential oil holds antibacterial properties and antifungal properties and is therefore used for a wide range of purposes. From lifting mood to reducing stress, its benefits are vast.


Here are the 5 research-based benefits of using orange essential oil.


  1. Helps to reduce anxiety and depression:


The orange essential oil in aromatherapy holds soothing effects. It helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in both children and adults. It reduces stress levels by lifting your mood.


According to research, aromatherapy with orange essential oil lowers the pulse rate and stress hormone levels in children.


Studies also show that women report less anxiety after inhaling orange essential oil during labour.


  1. Helps to relieve pain:


The topical or aromatherapy use of orange essential oil helps to relieve pain but only for a short period.


According to research, the blend of orange essential oil and ginger is effective against knee pain.

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  1. Anticancer and antioxidant properties:


The orange essential oil contains limonene content that holds anti-cancer properties. According to the studies, limonene also helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


  1. Exercise performance :


Another study evaluated the positive effect of orange essential oil on athletes' students. The inhalation of orange flower essential oil significantly lowers the running time and also promotes lung functioning.


  1. Promote healthy weight loss:


Studies also find essential oil effective for healthy weight loss by reducing the cholesterol level in the body.


Other uses and benefits:


Following are some other beneficial uses of sweet orange essential oils in daily routine:


  • The mixture of orange essential oil with lemon helps to re-energize your body.
  • Orange essential oil as a spray purifies the air by destroying airborne germs. It also spread a good aroma in the atmosphere.
  • Orange essential oil helps to boost immune functioning when used as a diffuser.
  • It is a great digestive boost.
  • Orange essential oil is also used as a massage oil because of its relaxing properties.
  • Orange essential oil is also effective to treat insomnia. It also helps to improve sleep quality.
  • It promotes healthy skin.
  • It helps to lighten your skin.


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